To learn more about COVID-19 and gather more information, please contact our Social Work office at 718-240-5122.


  • In-person room visitation resumes on:

    November 5, 2021

    To ensure the ongoing safety of our Residents, appointments will be necessary and social distancing is encouraged. Outside Garden visits are preferred. Visits are limited to two visitors per resident for 30 minutes at the moment.

    Visiting hours: 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    You MUST call the Social Work Department at (718) 240-5121 or 5122 to schedule an appointment.

    NOTICE: This process may be subject to change.

  •   FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

  • How can I communicate with my loved one?
    SSI will provide authorized family members and guardian daily access to free remote videoconferencing or similar communication methods. For alternate communication arrangements with residents (Facetime, Google Duo, phone call, etc.), please contact our Therapeutic Recreation Department at 718-240-5104, who will accomodate an electronic session with your loved one. 

    •    emergency PANDEMIC PLAN

    • Please see a copy of our Emergency Pandemic Plan here:


  • Can I choose how SSI may contact me with update information?
    Yes, your choice is important to us. Please contact the Social Work Department at (718) 240-5122 or use the "Contact->Email Form" (top navigation) to let us know your communication notification preference.

  • SSI COVID-19 Hotline:
    (718) 240-7401