who is SSI

The Schulman and Schachne Institute for Nursing and Rehabilitation (SSI)

SSI's 448 beds consist of 120 HIV, 28 Ventilator Dependent, 40 Pulmonary Care, 88 Sub-Acute Rehabilitation, 44 Alzheimer's Dementia and 128 clinically complex long term care. Our HIV unit is the only dedicated certified HIV unit for long term care in Brooklyn. Our HIV physician staff is Infectious Disease trained and all our staff is required to participate in specific HIV training every 6 months. Our Ventilator Dependent Unit was one of the first in Brooklyn, opening in 1994. Our Pulmonary Care unit was developed to accommodate the residents we had successfully weaned from ventilators. Our success rate for weaning YTD is 73%. Our round the clock respiratory therapists and physician staff ensure quality care on every level throughout our facility. Our ability to care for clinically complex residents includes blood transfusions, IV therapies, wound care and much more.

Our History

Samuel and Bertha Schulman Nursing Home opens at 555 Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn, NY.

Linroc Nursing Home opens at 650 Amboy Street, Brooklyn, NY

Both Nursing Homes merge and their names are changed to Schulman and Schachne Institute for Nursing and Rehabilitation.

The Arlene and David Schlang Pavilion opens its doors at 560 Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn, NY -- An 86 bed Senior Housing and Assisted Living Program.

The Shulman and Schachne Institute became a part of the One Brooklyn Health System as of March 2018.

A New Kind of Home

Think of the typical nursing home resident--a woman, perhaps, in her late 80's, which, because of complications of stroke and memory loss, can no longer live without skilled nursing care. Such a patient will always feel at home at the Schulman and Schachne Institute.

However, there's room for a new kind of resident too. Consider the average person with HIV/AIDS in New York City. He or she is 33 years old. When at the mid and end-stages of HIV/AIDS, he or she may need skilled nursing care to manage the effects of this disease.

Or, consider the ventilator-dependent individual. Free of other acute medical problems, he or she may be looking for a residential program to improve the chances of being weaned from artificial ventilation.

All these individuals can find expert care here at the Schulman and Schachne Institute, within its specialized care units designed to cater to their individual needs.

Who is Eligible?

SSI admits residents for special rehabilitation services and treatment when they are over the acute phase of their illness. It also admits residents for chronic, long-term geriatric care, dementia care and hospice care. Residents can be referred by the hospital or by outside physicians. Self-referrals are also accepted.

SSI Leadership Team

Tammy Carlisle, LNHA
Administrator for LTC

Reynaldo Torres, B.S., RHM
Assistant Administrator for LTC

Dr. Sunita Parajuli
Medical Director

Ann L. Gray, RN/BSN
Director of Nursing Services

Claudia Jurjita, RN
Director of Performance Improvement

Margaret O'Brien, RN
Associate Director of Nursing

Associate Director of Nursing

Samuel Khalil, PTA/OTR
Director of Rehabilitation Services for LTC

Jillian Vaccarella
Director of Admissions & Marketing

Amy Louis-Charles
Director of Therapeutic Recreation

Wendell Evans, LCSW-R
Director of Social Work & Behavioral Services

Shivani Mohabir, RD
Director of Clinical Nutrition for LTC

Dr. Veronika Shushanova
Pharmacy Manager

Althea Burton, RN
Director of Staff Development

Karen Bannister
Building Services Manager

Fernando de la Cruz
Manager of Respiratory Services

Levi Walkes, RN
Assisted Living Program Administrator

Judith Clement, RN
Interim Director of Infection Control

John Robinson
Supervisor of Plant Operations

Awards received

The Malcolm Baldrige National Silver Award

In 2015, SSI received the AHCA/NCAL National Achievement in Quality Silver Award. SSI, remains relentless in the pursuit of high quality and is aiming for the Gold!

NYSHFA Innovative Practice Award

SSI is the proud winner of the NYSHFA Innovative Practice Award for their resident care innovative practice at their AIDS units. NYSHFA honored SSI in recognition of the importance of innovation in improving the quality of long term care services in New York State through their “Enrichment Program.”

The Malcolm Baldrige National Bronze Award

In 2014 SSI received the AHCA/NCAL National Achievement in Quality Bronze Award.


5-Star CMS Rating

SSI has held a CMS 5-Star rating for nine consecutive years.

Eli Pick Leadership Award

"Leaders who don't listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say," Andy Stanley. For two consecutive years, the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) has honored our Vice President and Administrator, Genevieve Sorensen,  with the prestigious ACHCA Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award.

Employee of Distinction Award

LeadingAge of New York recognizes one of our Nurse Managers as the recepient of the Employee of Distinction award, for her leadership in the SSi Enrichment Program.

Employee of Distinction

LeadingAge of New York recognizes the extraordinary dedication of direct and indirect service provided by Schulman and Schachne's 1 South Unit. LeadingAge of New York honored Althea Burton (at right) in recognition of the importance of innovation in improving the quality of long term care services in New York State through the “Enrichment Program.”

Congratulations - Althea Burton, Director of Staff Education

New Hires at SSI

We would also like to welcome to Schulman and Schachne Institute Ann Gray, RN, BSN as our new Director of Nursing Services.

Ann Gray, RN, BSN
Director of Nursing